Kazik POLAR machine

Kazik POLAR 7Kazik POLAR machine

Kazik POLAR 7Kazik POLAR machine

Kazik – Automatic is a compilation of a vending machine and management software. This system solves the issues of management and distribution of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), especially in the workplace. In the Automatic version the locker doors are opened automatically.

technical parameters

Size of the machine 200x131x110 cm
The weight of the machine 426 kg
Type I Type II Type III
Number of locations 108 108 18
Size of locations 8x8 cm 26x8 cm 26x16 cm

customers area

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Login process

product description

The cooling machine allows to:

  • maintaining a constant temperature regardless of the ambient temperature,
  • remote communication with the server via the Internet,
  • generating readings,
  • efficient distribution of particularly sensitive and demanding materials,
  • installation directly on the production hall,
  • obtaining settlement reports,
  • reduction of losses

Our offer is addressed especially to customers dealing with:

  • production of buses and trolleybuses,
  • wagon production,
  • components production in the aviation industry,
  • distributors of chemical, varnish, construction and other materials where the components used are particularly sensitive and demanding.


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