Accessories for vending machines

Bactericidal lampAccessories for vending machines

Bactericidal lampAccessories for vending machines

A bactericidal lamp with direct impact, series NBV: without the operation time meter. Installation manner: N - universal one (wall and ceiling type).



They are used for the enhancement and maintenance of microbiological cleanliness level of the rooms. This device emits UV-C radiation with the wave length of 253.7 nm. It permanently disinfects bacteria, viruses, mould, fungi and any other microorganisms. The bactericidal lamp effectively disinfects the air and the surface. The reflector has been made from reflective aluminium of very high quality. These lamps are intended for operating theatres, treatment and wound care rooms, patients' rooms, outpatient clinics, laboratories, pharmacies, pharmaceutical industry, as well as food and cosmetic industry. The effectiveness of operation of bactericidal lamps has been confirmed by tests. It has all required certificates.


Technical data:

supply voltage: 230 V 50 Hz

power consumption: 25 VA

UV-C radiation emitting element: TUV15W UV-C radiation intensity in the distance of 1 m : 0.9 W / m2 emitter durability: 8000 h disinfected surface: 6-8 m2 lamp rotation (the possibility of lighting angle adjustment): 200 ° fire protection class: I enclosure type : IP 20 operation type: continuous dome dimensions: 465 x 85 x 135 mm dome mass: 2 kg boom length: 120 mm

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