POLONUS Group, which we form a part of, was established in 1981. PSPG Polska sp. z o.o. a daughter company, was established in 2006. Since very beginning our main interest field has been occupational health and safety in a broad sense. We have been selling PPE, we even have been general a few global brands on the Polish market. However, the core of our activity is creating management software. We are the first company it the world to have started the creation of software dealing with all aspects of occupational health and safety. The idea was to create tools for managing all kind of OSH aspects, from occupational hazard definition up to automatic ordering system offering appropriate protection in adequate time; all that happened at a time when the shortness of computers was the main barrier in small and medium companies! Vending machines are a section of that bigger part of our activities.

Our first prototype of Kazik vending machines was created in 2007. Under that project we cooperated with French engineers. Since that moment we have been incessantly improving the maintenance of our machines and software. Our goal is the perfection of operation and cooperation between those both aspects. Simultaneously we have extended Kazik’s compilation options to maximize the number of pleased customers.

After gaining experience in building management systems and vending machines, we started to explore the niche in the sector of laundry vending machines. Since 2013 we have been creating a solution for managing and optimizing clothes and laundry flow at all stages of service. We are the only independent producer of vending machines collecting laundry and distributing clean clothes in Poland and one of the few in Europe. Our solution has been implemented mainly in places using clean rooms and in controlled environments, like hospitals, by high-tech manufacturers with very high standards, but also by demanding customers with high use and wide range of work clothing.


AutomatyBHP (Division of PSPG Polska Sp. z.o.o)
Press Release                                                                                                                   
April 27, 2020

New office expansion enables PSPG Polska Sp. z o.o. (AutomatyBHP) to accelerate growth in industrial and environmental measurements businesses, professional services and customer support. The new office will cater for all PSPG Polska Sp. z o.o. (AutomatyBHP)'s customers in the North America, Mexico and the Caribbean region.

PSPG Polska Sp. z o.o. (AutomatyBHP), the leading provider of occupational health and safety environmental management systems and vending machines solutions, launched a new office in Canada and USA.

With these office opening, PSPG Polska Sp. z o.o. (AutomatyBHP) is responding to the growing demand in the Americas.

As a region with many cultures, strong economies and versatile industries, North America, Mexico and the Caribbean region is an emerging market offering vast growth opportunities for businesses.

"The decision to expand our presence was a logical step in our business growth strategy," said Michał Kwiatkowski, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of PSPG Polska Sp. z o.o. (AutomatyBHP) Industrial Vending Machine. "We see great opportunities in these markets and these very dynamic region hold enormous potential due to the growing population and the emerging industry."

PSPG Polska Sp. z o.o. (AutomatyBHP)'s new office is located in Boucherville, Quebec, Canada outside of Montreal Qc. "Canada is a convenient location for the new office, as the North America and Mexico economy is welcoming new players and the trade agreements make it an inviting country to strengthen our presence", says Jacques Caron Corporate Manager and Sales Director for AutomatyBHP of America. "We hope to see our presence accelerating interaction with our customers and future customers. This new office will increase our ability to serve all current and future markets", M. Caron continues.

"We are happy by our expansion to North America, Mexico and the Caribbean region. Our new office in Canada and USA will be able to deliver high-quality industrial vending machine and management systems in the face of increasing amount of PPE and Asset Management Systems".

"Commercial ties between Poland and Canada are growing and I am proud that a company as well known as PSPG Polska Sp. z o.o. (AutomatyBHP) will now have a solid presence in North America, Mexico and the Caribbean region. I am certain that this decision will strengthen the company in all its activities in this region" says M. Kwiatkowski.

The office in located in Boucherville, Quebec, Canada and Champlain New-York USA.

Tel: +1 450-300-0252, sales@automatybhp.com

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