Distributeurs de EPI

Kazik 5 - AutomaticDistributeurs de EPI

Kazik 5 - AutomaticDistributeurs de EPI

L'automate KAZIK est une combinaison d'un distributeur  avec un logiciel de gestion. Ce système offre une solution aux problèmes liés à la gestion et la distribution d'EPI au travail. L'ouverture de porte automatique accélère et facilite la distribution et limite la saleté.

paramètres techniques

Dimensions de l'armoire 200x100x110cm
Poids de l'appareil 395kg
option I option II
Nombre d'emplacements 90 180
Taille de l'emplacement 16x26cm 8x26cm


zone de client

L'accès aux spécifications techniques et à d'autres matériaux, uniquement pour les clients inscrits.


description du produit

Kazik 5 - un distributeur avec les plus grands compartiments qui est produit par nous. Il a 90 emplacements, chacun mesurant 16 cm x 26 cm. Il est idéal pour des articles plus gros. Il peut accueillir des emballages de produits, vêtements de protection, outils, équipement électrique, chaussures, casques, masques etc. Sur demande, il est possible de préparer la version ayant 180 emplacements de 8 cm x 26 cm.

Kazik 5 modele



Proficiency in PPE management


We are presenting Personal Protection Equipment management system. Its first line is a distributing machine “KAZIK”, the second one is the combined management software. This system solves the problems related to PPE management and distribution among workers, especially in production areas. Our comprehensive solution provides a response to the needs of:

  • The supervision of the workers
  • Safety and access to PPE 24/7
  • PPE distribution in the nearness of the workplace
  • Unit or packaging distribution
  • Decrease in PPE use
  • The control and analysis of PPE and tools circulation (collections, returns, and supply)
  • Remote control
  • Automation of the supply process
  • Automatic and permanent stock levels control


How it works


ang1  ang2  ang3

User recognition

The user logs into the system with his ID card or by using his PIN number. He gets access to the articles and operations defined for him. The individuals who are not in the database cannot obtain anything from the vending machine.


Operation selection

According to the user’s permission, he can choose an option: take, add, return… A regular production worker after sweeping his card over the screen sees a lists of pictures of preselected articles with a short description. He chooses an article, its size (if such information is not in the system) and optionally also a quantity. The required location is opened automatically. The system can display certain information on the screen: the picture of articles, sizes, descriptions, and the stock level.


IT management

The automatic vending machine KAZIK is equipped with a PC which can be accessed only by the system administrator. Optionally it could be equipped with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system. Kazik has its own software which contains:


User interface

User interface is easy to use and user friendly. Our goal was to make the whole process of dispensing articles extremely short and easy. We achieved that goal by creating intuitive interface, displaying big images of articles which can be dispensed. Thanks to that the process of articles searching is simplified. All the operations are performed on a heavy duty, industrial touch screen, ready for hard work in extreme conditions.


Administrator’s interface

The most voluminous part of our system is the administrator’s interface. It offers the possibility of introducing modifications in relation to individuals or whole group of workers defined by occupation, positions or divisions to which they belong. The administrator is able to perform both basic and sophisticated operations, e.g. concerning the databases of: articles; workers; sizes modification, setting the limits of quantity of available articles for workers and groups, etc. The person with the administrator’s license can operate the system from the machine level or from his own computer.


Reports and statistics

The reports module gives access to all system information, such as the history of: taken, returned, added or damaged elements, lists of articles below the minimum availability level articles, already ordered articles etc. It also offers the possibility of creating extraordinary reports.

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